Oxford Sandy and Black Pigs

Welcome to our new web site dedicated to Oxford Sandy and Black pigs. This will give you a great insight to our pedigree breeding programme, life on the farm, our showing endeavours, and our pigkeeping courses.

I have been breeding British rare breed pigs for over 25 years and started with Oxford Sandy and Black pigs, four pedigree gilts and a pedigree boar. These were splendid pigs that looked after themselves and taught my so much about pigkeeping. But when I took on the finishing unit for the Rare Breed Survival Trust’s newly instigated meat marketing scheme, the Oxford Sandy and Blacks had to go. Why? Because they were not recognised as a pure rare bred by the RBST and the scheme could only market pigs authorised as pure rare breeds! Yet these pigs were breeding pure to type a RBST specification. No amount of communication to the RBST could convince them otherwise as they were so entrenched in their negative attitude to the Oxford Sandy and Black breed.

Only in autumn 2011 has the RBST accepted the Oxford Sandy and Black pig as a rare breed. This delay in recognition was one of the primary reasons the breed so nearly became extinct in the twentieth century.

We now have in the Oxford Sandy and Black a unique pig which we must cherish, and breed with care. Not every pig born is fit for individual registration with the BPA, so we must ‘eat them to keep them’. The quality of the pork from pure bred Oxford Sandy and Black pigs is second to none, and must be promoted as an exclusive ‘niche’ product at a price that reflects their unique taste and eating quality.

Oxford Sandy and Black pigs were reintroduced to the Coal Yeat herd of pigs in 2010 as two in pig Duchess gilts. One for my grandson Harry and the second for my granddaughter Imogen.

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